Meet Wendy, our Head Baker

Our mom, Wendy, she’s been baking cookies and treats for us, our family and friends for as long as we can remember.

She’s got 40+ years of baking experience and a natural talent in the kitchen. It’s her passion for family, togetherness, italian culture and food that rests at the core of BAKER’s mission to share our families treats with yours.

You see, Grandma Rose came from Italy back in 1913, and when she met our mom, she immediately took her under her wing and taught her all the italian secrets & traditions she brought over from Italy more than a century ago.

And since Grandma left us, our mom’s commitment to continuing her craft has taken her back and forth to Italy to refine her skills and passion for baking. Because not only does mom want us to continue remembering our grandma’s heart-warming food, she wants to share it with your family too.